Residence Tower Stuttgart

Residence Tower Stuttgart

Living with a view

This plot, which is situated on a steep slope, was created by multiple subdivisions of a formerly large overall site. Like the whole building, the outdoor areas are oriented toward
the side with the view. Due to the site’s topography, the four levels of the house all extend deep into the slope. The above-ground areas of the sides are mainly solid. All the main rooms are designed with floor-to-ceiling or multi-storey glazing towards the southwest, thus allowing splendid views.

The living spaces are located on the upper storeys so that their inhabitants can enjoy spectacular views. Two voids are primarily responsible for generating a sense of
transparency within the house. One of them, which is located in the southeast section of
the building, connects all four storeys and allows daylight to enter right down to the
entrance level. This vertical openness gives the house a surprising generosity, despite its
restrictive floor area.

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