Inout House, Costa Rica

Inout House, Costa Rica

Embedded in its environment

The house mirrors an unbroken “inside-outside” relationship with the impressive landscape in San Jose, Costa Rica. Enormous walls of glass separate the vegetation from the living space. Established trees embellish the house artistically and cut through the spaces they occupy. The wooden floors and walls create a warming atmosphere.

The house absorbs the existing features of the landscape and opens up new dimensions in the topography of its location. The architecture of the building skilfully matches its surroundings and exudes a new sense of "living in the open air".

The design of the house is rounded off in the clear lines of the LS990 in black and white in its square design with large switch surfaces.

Pictures: Jordi Miralles
Drawings: Joan Puigcorbé

Used Designs and technologies

KNX System KNX System Smart building automation combines convenience, security and energy efficiency. For this reason KNX has already become the standard worldwide for high-class private and commercial construction. The smart JUNG KNX solutions combine function, design and intuitive ease of operation.