Dolomitenblick, South Tyrol, Italy

Dolomitenblick, South Tyrol, Italy

Extraordinary architecture

The Italian Dolomites define breath-taking natural beauty and have been listed as a UNESCO world natural heritage site since 2009. Built on a mountainside in Sexten, the 1050 m² Dolomitenblick is an extraordinary architectural achievement yet maintains the local character. The building, constructed in 2012, contains six holiday homes and blends perfectly into its surroundings.

Architecture mirroring nature
Material and design underpin the harmonious interaction of architecture and nature. As well as glass, traditional local building materials were used such as larch and pre-oxidised copper. The natural impression of the building is emphasised by the natural weathering and changes in colour between the materials. The Dolomitenblick is divided into two by an indentation in the façade, which forms the main entrance. The balconies begin at this recess and run to both sides, finishing at the steep slopes of the surrounding mountains. The copper parapets and façade step back as the building rises, appearing to detach from the building and join with the surrounding terrain.

Clear lines, inside and outside
The logical decision for natural forms and high quality design continues with the interiors of the six apartments. Locally sourced larch wood decorates the living areas. The electrical system was converted to the LS 990 switch range in alpine white from JUNG, its clean lines matching the ambience. The glass roof, with its southern orientation, allows optimal views and maximum energy gain. External blinds serve to shade where necessary, while balcony projections keep solar warming to a minimum in summer.

Pictures: Hertha Hurnaus, Architecture: plasma studio

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