Center for Cultural Arts at Neumarkt, Cologne

Center for Cultural Arts at Neumarkt, Cologne

Culture centre of architectural distinction

The heart of Cologne is home to a new culture centre designed by architects Schneider + Sendelbach. Spread over multiple building sections, the complex offers a unique experience by combining the Schnütgen Museum and Rautenstrauch-Joest Museum with the Art Museum. Its functional arrangement separates the centre’s compact form into layers in an East-West orientation. The closed nature of the new building arises from a need to protect the galleries from sunlight. This solidity is intentionally opened up in the public areas by two glazed gaps, which allow daylight into the interior. With these connecting spaces, the architects have designed a building that creates tension between light and shade by juxtaposing solidity with transparency.
The Wittmunder peat-fired bricks that clad the concrete core vary in surface structure and colouration, shifting from red through blue to yellow-green tones. By recessing the joints in the brickwork and allowing light to play on the façade, the architects have created a stunning sculptural effect. Altogether, this feat of minimalist architecture achieves its striking composition through the interplay of light, form and materials.

Timeless inspiration
Schneider + Sendelbach’s minimalist concept, with its well-considered highlights, is echoed in the design of the electrical installation and the choice of the classic LS 990 switch from JUNG.

The challenge was to accommodate all the technical demands in one unified design and to allow materials and colours to blend harmoniously with the background and ambience. This was a key consideration, particularly in the gallery spaces. The diverse LS 990 range from JUNG met all these demands, both technically and with its scope of materials and colour. Components in stainless steel, black or alpine white were chosen to best fit the space and wall colours.

The classic range is also installed in the administrative areas of the museum. In addition to the switches, sockets, etc., the architects had to fulfil a special requirement for access control to the individual floors in those areas not open to the public. It was important to the architects that the design of the door communication system was consistent with the rest of the electrical installation. A standard outdoor station was out of the question. However, JUNG offered the ideal solution. The TCM floor station in the LS 990 design in white not only ensured complete control over visitor access, it also met all the requirements while blending visually with the electrical installation.

Used Designs and technologies

DCM floor station systems DCM floor station systems The floor station audio is available in the classic LS range. It is ideally suited for use in access galleries or storey doors and is a stylish extension to the indoor and outdoor stations of the JUNG DCM systems.