BMW Welt Munich

BMW Welt Munich

Futuristic hybrid

BMW Welt is a brand experience, a car delivery centre and an event hall directly adjacent to the company headquarters and the BMW Museum. The architects Coop Himmelb(l)au designed a 180-metre long hall that complemented the western part of the large complex and connects the property into the urban environment.

A contemporary and dynamic architecture characterises the 25,000 m² property. The entrance to the building is defined by a spectacular double cone on the southern side. The central design concept divides the hybrid building into five thematic elements: Event hall, vehicle delivery, forum, restaurant and double cone. In stainless-steel metal walls, switches and sockets in the LS 990 design from JUNG have been flush mounted.

The roof of BMW Welt acts as a fifth façade and with that takes on an important part of the communicative effect of the outer shell alongside the other façades. Against this background, none of the traditional, fan-like, elevated, south-oriented photovoltaic systems came into question for the team around architect Wolf D. Prix. The solar modules were integrated flush into the stainless-steel skin, which lies over the actual roof drainage level, in order to avoid penetrations of the roof and ventilation elements being visible.

Pictures: Henrik Schipper
Drawings: Coop Himmelblau

Used Designs and technologies

KNX System KNX System Smart building automation combines convenience, security and energy efficiency. For this reason KNX has already become the standard worldwide for high-class private and commercial construction. The smart JUNG KNX solutions combine function, design and intuitive ease of operation.