Apartment building, Tübingen

Apartment building, Tübingen

"En famille" – Everybody under one roof

Eight families from Tübingen followed this concept when they decided they wanted to live together in one building in the future. And this needed to offer plenty of space and fulfil the latest ecological standards.

Ideas turned into reality and dreams turned into rooms with the "Alte Weberei" district. Realised by Manderscheid architects from Stuttgart. In cooperation with the builder, a simple, L-shaped construction emerged. This forms the corner of the district and completes the line of buildings. Bays, balconies and recesses for loggias characterise its external design. Due to the compact style, the building has advantages regarding energy use, and achieves the KFW-70 standard with a heating system using waste heat from biogas used for electricity generation.

The residents put a high value on the rendering of the façade, which is coloured with brick dust and red iron oxide. The purely mineral lime plaster is permeable, regulates humidity and is water-repellent. It contains no biocides for repelling mould and algae. Applied with different surface finishes and colouring, the rendering now breaks up the façade.

Red lime plaster has been used in the apartments themselves. This improves the indoor environment, quickly absorbs excess humidity in the room and distributes this in the plaster layer. The building is equipped with the classic JUNG LS 990 switch in white. To protect the children, child-protection sockets are installed with integrated, increased contact protection and the VDE seal of approval.

Used Designs and technologies

LED sockets LED sockets The SCHUKO® sockets with integrated LED lights provide enough brightness for orientation purposes that one can manage in the dark without turning on the main lighting.