A single-family house in Zellerndorf

A single-family house in Zellerndorf

Three feelers into the countryside

Robert Diem from the franz architekten office in Austria planned a holiday house for his own family in his home town of Zellerndorf. With its concrete foundation slab, the Y-shaped building appears to float easily over the lawn and captures the surrounding landscape from all sides with its three feelers. The family assembled the façade themselves from 4.2-metre-long planks of larch wood. The Y-form enables wonderful views of the vineyards and the old village church.

An integrated kitchen block forms the central interior of the house. Free-standing, space-defining furniture gives structure to the floor plan and hides all the sanitary facilities. The fireplace provides a cosy atmosphere in winter.

The electrical installations also fit in with the well-thought-out overall plan for the building. The classic LS 990 switch from JUNG in white and stainless steel makes an impression throughout the house.

Pictures: Lisa Rastl

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