Family Centre, Gerlingen

A Swabian children’s paradise

Gerlingen, northwest of Stuttgart, is home to a new family centre and day-care facility built in 2014 over 1,600 square metres.
With the entire building laid out in the shape of a star, the architecture firm of Käppel + Klieber of Stuttgart prevailed in the design competition for the new building. In addition to the public day-care centre and a Montessori Kindergarten, the building also houses a new family centre. Each facility has a self-contained garden area, which can also be opened as desired, allowing a total of some 3,000 square metres of garden space to be used by the children at the same time.
Although the building’s white façade and sliding wooden shutters appear rather reserved from the outside, the interior of the family centre offers a strong contrast. Bright colours and a sophisticated spatial concept give the premises vibrancy and texture.
The corridors of the day-care facilities also serve as great playground areas. Based on the colour theory of Swiss painter Johannes Itten (1888-1967), in which colours are influenced by other colours and are viewed as interdependent, the architects developed a colour scheme from three to four colours. The colours are mutually harmonious and provide orientation to even the centre’s smallest visitors. Coloured glass creates an ever-changing atmosphere of light depending on the course of the sun, the time of day or season. For its work on the centre, the architecture firm of Käppel + Klieber received the 2015 Iconic Award in the category of Interior Public. In contrast to the hallways, the electrical system from JUNG – in the classic LS 990 design – is finished in a discretely reserved white colour. Push-button sensors control lighting and blinds. Lights and blinds, among other devices, can be operated centrally from the Facility Colour Touch Panel IP. Ceiling-mounted KNX presence detectors monitor movement within a 20-metre radius, turning on lights when any movement is detected.
By constructing the family centre, the town of Gerlingen has created an extraordinary public meeting place and urgently needed day-care centre for children to comply with a 2013 ordinance requiring nursery space for one- to three-year olds.

Used Designs and technologies

Blinds management Well thought out control of blinds and shutters with automatic and learning functions. Available in the broad JUNG switch design range – convenient, safe and reliable.
KNX push-button sensors Convenient control: Large buttons are used to operate all the KNX functions. The button covers are available in neutral or with arrow symbol designs. In addition, there is the option to individually laser-print or print on the buttons.
KNX Smart Panel Intuitive operation, fast commissioning: The KNX Smart-Panel touchscreen and internal software are used to control and visualise lighting, shutters, heating, air conditioning, and alarm systems.
KNX presence detector / ceiling observer Everything under control: The appeal of the KNX Standard/Universal presence detector is in its excellent sensing properties for mounted heights of up to 5 m, its compact design, built-in bus coupler, and in its presence-based constant light control capability.